IT Management by iShift

Managed IT

Your Cloud, your IT Infrastructure,
in a Managed Services Model

When we take over managing your IT infrastructure, we will ensure you improve service delivery, efficiency, and time to market. In addition, the benefits for your organization are reduced operational costs and the agility to make changes in a fast-changing digital world.

Cloud Assessment

Visibility and Automation

Workloads constantly evolve not only in their nature but also in the methods of deployment and service consumption. Our team will support you in provisioning and adapting infrastructure according to the dynamic needs of your workloads across cloud models, on-premises setups, and in data centers.

App Modernization

Asset Optimization

Our Managed Software and Asset Optimization service covers the entire process, from device and software discovery to data analysis, license reconciliation, and procurement improvement recommendations. Our streamlined process minimizes risk, accelerates return on investment, and ensures efficient management throughout the software life cycle.

IT Cloud Strategy

Cloud Health

We will tackle your biggest challenges pertaining to cloud risks. We will strengthen security and compliance, report on vulnerabilities and proactively remediate risks in real time. We will monitor usage and provide performance recommendations and custom alerts.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Recovery

We will set up a secure framework around your cloud infrastructure that will allow your employees to work together securely and efficiently from anywhere without risking a breach or other threats that may compromise your business outcomes.

Security & Governance


The risks of cyber threats are on the rise for organizations large and small. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated and the scope of threats continues to expand, our Managed Security team and our vCISO unit will ensure you maintain digital resilience and a robust security posture.

Secure Collaboration

Modern Workplace (M365)

We will create a modern workplace environment leveraging the power of Microsoft 365. We will reduce cost and complexity,  eliminate third-party services unsuitable for a cloud architecture, and improve your organization’s security posture by aligning and automating services, policies, and management.


DevOps Managed Service

By automating cloud infrastructure provisioning, we will enable you to scale your cloud infrastructure more quickly, thus becoming more agile and accelerating their ability to innovate.

Data Management

Network and Contact Center

We will set you up with an expert network management team that will deliver the services to improve performance and availability, manage your contact center for exceptional customer service, and in the process optimize costs and maintain high data quality.

the iShift Pros

Who Needs Managed IT

Any company that lacks an internal IT team but requires a seamlessly operating IT infrastructure is ideal to partner with our Managed IT team. Even if you have a full-time IT department in-house, managed IT services can be useful. The advantage lies in the flexibility and on-demand scalability they offer. Whether outsourcing specific IT functions like Security or DevOps, or filling a gap in your team with a specialized role, such as a Migration Architect, managed IT services can address your unique needs. We bring ample experience to the table, having successfully collaborated on projects where our experts work hand-in-hand with our client’s in-house IT team.

Ready to Hand Over the Management of Your Entire IT infrastructure?

Then the iShift Platform is the right solution for you. At iShift, we take the reins of your IT management, simplifying the process, minimizing the risks associated with transitioning to new services, and optimizing the utilization and costs of your company’s Cloud and IT services.

Why Choose Us as Your Managed IT Provider

We are your co-innovation partner and trusted advisor for all your IT needs. Our team consists of highly qualified, certified, and experienced modern technology experts who will design, build, and manage the solution that works for you.

Committed to Innovation

Strong Partnerships

Trusted by Clients

Extensive Network

Security-First Approach

How Your Organization Benefits

Our approach to IT Management is tailored to the specific requirements of your business. We focus on maintaining security, cost, and governance of your cloud environment while seamlessly integrating with your company’s IT department.

Improved IT Ops

Robust Security Posture

Access to IT Experts

Scalability and Efficiency

Peace of Mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iShift Platform the same as the Managed IT service provided by iShift?

Both models share a common trait: iShift serves as your trusted technology partner and advisor, and acts as an extension of your IT team. However, there is a distinction between the iShift platform and the Managed IT modules we provide. With those two approaches, we aim to provide the right solutions tailored to all our clients’ needs.

In the current rapidly evolving tech landscape, where specialized technical talent is scarce and innovation progresses swiftly, organizations are increasingly outsourcing certain IT functions and partnering with managed service providers (MSPs). However, many prefer retaining their in-house IT departments. To meet the requirements of these clients, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of managed services leveraging best-in-class technologies, employing a security-first approach, and delivering AI-powered automation, comprehensive reporting, and predictable outcomes.

The iShift Platform is our most comprehensive solution built on a structured framework of tools and applications following the highest security standards, governance, and compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. Choosing the iShift Platform means embracing a modern cloud infrastructure while entrusting us with its complete management.


What makes the iShift managed services offerings different from other MSPs?

We are not just a regular MSP. We are a technology services company committed to delivering tailored solutions for your technology needs as your partner and trusted advisor. Whether you are on the iShift Platform or engaging with us through a specific Managed IT module, you will get managed services such as, managed security or managed observability customized to your industry, your specific needs, and your particular business objectives.

Can we start using specific managed IT modules and later transition to the iShift Platform?

Absolutely! In fact, most of our clients begin with specilized technology needs they lack in-house and eventually move to the platform as they mature in their technological innovation journey. To address the different stages of organizations looking to move to a managed IT model, we offer four (4) engagement models for managed services delivery. Choose the model that best fits the requirements of your organization:

  • iShift Consulting Project – advisory services, planning, design
  • iShift Staff Augmentation – highly specialized IT resources for specific short or long-term projects on contract
  • iShift Managed Services – addressing specific needs, such as security, compliance, migration, etc.
  • iShift Platform – full on management of your IT infrastructure
Do you have flexible packages of Managed IT?

iShift has a variety of packages designed to deliver customized managed IT solutions that align with your unique business objectives. By selecting iShift’s flexible offerings of managed services, you can delegate the routine management of your IT infrastructure, applications and systems to us, which enables you to concentrate on the more strategic initiatives related to your business.