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Secure Business Outcomes

At iShift we are committed to delivering tailored solutions for all your technology needs with a focus on Information Security and Operational Efficiency. Our comprehensive portfolio includes professional services for transformational projects, providing talent for hard-to-fill and highly specialized technical roles, and full-on infrastructure management on the iShift platform.

Advisory Services

Professional Services

Get guidance to enhance your security posture, implement essential IT projects, transform your organization’s infrastructure, and use technology to bring performance to the next level.

IT Staffing

Tech Talent

We have the right talent for your IT projects, whether you are looking for architects, engineers, developers, IT project managers, or any other hard-to-find IT roles you need to fill.

Managed IT

Managed IT

Our suite of Managed IT offerings is designed to ensure your business realizes maximum value while reducing day-to-day cost and complexity of management.

Need help optimizing your hardware, software, and subscription investments?

Managed Software and Asset Optimization

Our Managed Software and Asset Optimization service covers everything from discovering devices and software to analyzing data, reconciling licenses, and providing recommendations for procurement improvement. It aligns with your risks and priorities, ensuring accurate software tracking and maintenance. We offer customizable packages based on your organization’s size and software complexity. We bring you a streamlined process that reduces risk, speeds up return on investment, and guarantees effective management throughout the software life cycle.

Modernize Your IT Environment

We are in the business of helping our clients make the shift to reach their goals. Whether your objective is to maximize your current solution, modernize your environment, or move towards adopting a single technology vision, you will see results with our highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals, our proven methodology, and by leveraging the best technology solutions. 

IT Cloud Strategy

Well-Architected Cloud

Get a thorough assessment of your existing cloud architecture to determine how to ensure a secure, scalable, and suitable environment for your mission critical workloads.
Data Center and Networking

Data Center & Networking

A brand-new data center or an upgrade to an existing one, our team will ensure your environment is equipped with the right tools and solutions to meet your needs.
Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Solutions

Our virtualization experts will show you how to do more with less and take advantage of the value virtualization brings across your enterprise quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.
Digital Workplace

Modern Digital Workplace

We will create a digital workplace for your organization that grows as your needs evolve. Go beyond VDI and work anywhere, any time, on any device.

Backup and Restore

Storage & Backup Solutions

We will build a solution that meets your requirements from strategic backup targets to industry-specific compliance requirements and optimizes technology spend.

Voice & Contact Center

We will deploy a Unified Communications platform to empower you to manage communication effectively, reduce complexity and increase reliability.

Migrations and More

We will collaborate with the right technology partners to bring you the right applications to meet your migrations goals and propel you to the next level of your digital transformation.

Cloud Governance

Cloud & IT Strategy

We will design an IT strategy that is a business strategy – and a foundational source for innovation and growth. Whether it’s public, private, or hybrid cloud, we will help you find the right platform to meet your business objectives.
Cloud Assessment

Asset Optimization

We will work with you to provide visibility across your technology investments. Let us assess the state of your IT environment and select those hardware, software, and subscription offerings that ensure maximum value for your business.

Business Continuity

Get the following capabilities: backup of all data that can be restored at any time; granularity and point-in-time restore; flexible retention policy settings; snapshot and item-level retention; advanced eDiscovery search.



Managing growth and cost at the same time is a must for businesses. We analyze and identify opportunities to optimize technology spend or automate deployment and management workflows.


The Power of Collaboration

We know from experience that to deliver the best solutions to our clients, we need best-in-class Technology Partners. Over the years, we have established a robust Partner Ecosystem that allows us to deliver integrated solutions designed to bring your IT infrastructure to the next level.

What Our Partners Say about Us

“Our partnership is centered around delivering the best possible outcome for our clients. By combining our unique expertise and capabilities, we are able to create comprehensive solutions that address their specific needs and challenges.”

Jon Wood

Global Head of Sales, Transvault



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Leveraging decades of expertise and proven relationships with best-in-class technology partners, we guarantee to match the right people with the right tools to meet and exceed your goals

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