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Charles Arconi

Charles Arconi is a Principal Architect at iShift. He has 25+ years of IT experience architecting and deploying cloud-based email and communication technologies.

For the last 10 years, Chuck’s primary focus has been migrations: data to the cloud, email to Office 365, archiving data to cloud, etc. He is an accomplished technologist who likes direct interactions with clients, speaking, explaining, and strategizing about technology with them.

In addition, Chuck is a think-out-of-the-box kind of guy who likes to challenge mainstream practices and design innovative methodologies for the sake of efficiency, effectiveness, and usefulness. This is where Chuck will offer his take on cloud industry news, cloud-native technologies, and practices, and share his original insights about best practices in cloud computing.

Chuck is also sharing scripts, tools, and other resources with you for free. Because that’s the kind of guy he is. You can follow Chuck on LinkedIn or contact him directly at [email protected].

Chuck’s Scripts

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Hybrid Migrations

Hybrid Migration In most of my migrations of Exchange on-premise to Office 365 (Exchange Online), also know as a “Hybrid Migration,” I use a plethora of scripts for...

On-Premise Exchange to Exchange Online

I use this script in migrations from on-premises Exchange server to Exchange Online (Office 365, M365) mailboxes. Many times, I will just kick off all the migrations, let...

Migrate Single User to O365

Use this script to modify and/or complete the hybrid migration for a single user in a O365 Mailbox migration.Technical Details The provided script performs the following...

Get User Account Specific Properties

Use this script for Migrations and on-premises Active Directory maintenance. Check a user account, as read from a list of accounts, for several attribute properties. These...

Move Users to New Group for Licensing

Use this script to check user group and move user to new group. The typical use case is: when you want to assign licensing based on group without assigning it...

Bulk Check of User Licenses

Reads a list of users from a txt file and retrieves license info for each account, displays it on screen. Great for migrations when needing to check that all migrated...

Check User License in Azure AD

This script allows you to input a username, and then it checks the user's license information by querying Azure AD and displays the DisplayName and Licenses properties for...

Chuck’s insights, tips, best practices and more

Need advice about Microsoft 365 migrations, Azure, Active Directory, Cloud 2.0? Ask Chuck. He will share his vast knowhow about cloud architecture, email archiving, data security and networking, and will help you make the right decision for your organization.