Migration Services

We will combine the right people with the right platforms to meet your migrations goals.

Migration Services

Migrate, Optimize, and Modernize Your IT Environment

As your co-innovation partner, we will collaborate with the right technology partners to bring you the right applications to meet your migrations goals and propel you to the next level of your digital transformation.

Diversify Your VMware Environment for Enhanced Performance and Agility

As the digital landscape undergoes dynamic shifts, driven by evolving technologies, strategic mergers and acquisitions, and changes in licensing models, organizations are revisiting their virtualization strategies. In response to these needs, we are introducing solutions that provide a pathway for seamlessly migrating from VMware to alternative virtualization platforms.

Reasons Organizations Are Migrating from VMware

Hybrid or Multi-Cloud Strategies

Migrating to platforms like Microsoft Azure or Nutanix may align with an organization’s strategy to adopt a hybrid or multi-cloud architecture for increased flexibility and scalability.

Vendor Relationships

Organizations might choose to diversify their technology vendors or consolidate their infrastructure based on strategic partnerships and relationships with specific vendors.

Flexibility and Open Source

Some organizations prefer open-source solutions like Red Hat Virtualization and Openstack, which provide greater flexibility and control over their virtualization environment.

Product Support

The availability of  vendor assistance is a huge influence on migration decisions, as organizations seek reliable and responsive support for their virtualization environments.

Compliance and Security

Changes in compliance requirements or security considerations might drive organizations to adopt virtualization platforms that better address their regulatory needs and security concerns.

Cost Optimization

Alternative virtualization or cloud solutions may offer more cost-effective options in terms of licensing, infrastructure, and operational expenses.

Our Methodology



We use tools to gain visibility of applications, workloads, and data in your environment, and assess the optimal resource level to run them in the new system.



We move the workloads to the new system, including physical servers and virtualized workloads hosted in VMware environments.



We finetune your migrated workloads to maximize your ROI and help you automate complex and repetitive operations.

Migrate VMware to


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    Cloud Migration

    Cloud Migration

    With our experience designing and implementing public and private cloud solutions, our experts are certified and possess the expertise to help you with a fast, safe, and cost-effective cloud migration while keeping data integrity and business continuity.

    Email Migration

    Email Migration

    Moving your email infrastructure to the cloud includes migrating your email archives. This eliminates the risks and burden of maintaining an archive repository on premise. As a result, you will see an immediate reduction in your legacy infrastructure costs.

    Data Migration

    Data Migration

    Access to your historical corporate data is critical for the successful operation of your businesses, whether it is to meet regulatory compliance mandates, fulfill discovery requests, or cross-reference business intelligence. Our team will ensure that your data is migrated to a platform that is viable and accessible whenever you need it without the risk of corrupt files.

    Workplace Migrations

    Workplace Migration

    Creating a modern workplace with Microsoft 365 allows employees to collaborate across multiple devices and in distributed environments. We will design the optimal M365 migration for your organization and deliver a safe and secure execution with minimal disruption of your business operations.

    Migration Expertise

    Migrations require technology expertise, focus on end-user experience, and access to migration tools with enough flexibility to ensure a successful outcome. The iShift Migration team delivers a seamless experience for your employees and offers post-deployment support for your internal IT admins.

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