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How Adopting the iShift Platform Can Accelerate Successful Business Outcomes

The iShift Cloud Platform delivers a unified management experience across multi-cloud and hybrid enterprise resources from one pre-integrated Platform.

What You Can Expect When You Partner with Us

Entrusting us with the management of your cloud guarantees enhanced service delivery, increased efficiency, and accelerated time to market. Your organization stands to gain from reduced operational costs and heightened agility, allowing for swift adaptations in the dynamic digital landscape.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iShift Platform the same as the managed IT service provided by iShift?

Both models share a common trait: iShift serves as your trusted technology partner and advisor, and acts as an extension of your IT team. However, there is a distinction between the iShift platform and the Managed IT modules we provide. With those two approaches, we aim to provide the right solutions tailored to all our clients’ needs.

In the current rapidly evolving tech landscape, where specialized technical talent is scarce and innovation progresses swiftly, organizations are increasingly outsourcing certain IT functions and partnering with managed service providers (MSPs). However, many prefer retaining their in-house IT departments. To meet the requirements of these clients, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of managed services leveraging best-in-class technologies, employing a security-first approach, and delivering AI-powered automation, comprehensive reporting, and predictable outcomes.

The iShift Platform is our most comprehensive solution built on a structured framework of tools and applications following the highest security standards, governance, and compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. Choosing the iShift Platform means embracing a modern cloud infrastructure while entrusting us with its complete management.


Can we start using specific managed IT modules and later transition to the iShift Platform?

Absolutely! In fact, most of our clients begin with specilized technology needs they lack in-house and eventually move to the platform as they mature in their technological innovation journey. To address the different stages of organizations looking to move to a managed IT model, we offer four (4) engagement models for managed services delivery. Choose the model that best fits the requirements of your organization:

  • iShift Consulting Project – advisory services, planning, design
  • iShift Staff Augmentation – highly specialized IT resources for specific short or long-term project on contract
  • iShift Managed Services – addressing specific needs, such as security, compliance, migration, etc.
  • iShift Platform – full on management of your IT infrastructure
What kind of services does the iShift Platform include?

The iShift Platform encompass a range of services, including Managed Office (M365), ensuring the efficient management of your office applications, Managed Cloud Workloads for optimal workload handling, Managed Networking and Voice solutions for streamlined communication, and Managed Applications along with various other IT services.

How quickly will our organization experience the benefits of transitioning to the iShift Platform?

The onboarding process varies, but businesses can typically start experiencing the benefits of the iShift Platform within a short period, as we turn on monitoring, cybersecurity security measures, and other business continuity services designed to to improve productivity, facilitate collaboration, and enable access to your corporate IT inftarstructure anywhere anytime.

How is the iShift Platform different from the traditional in-house IT model?

Traditional IT support typically involves addressing issues reactively, while the team you get when you transition to the iShift Platform takes a proactive approach by monitoring and preventing potential issues before they impact operations.

When you get on the iShift Platform, we don’t just manage your IT infrastructure, so you don’t have to.  We help simplify management, reduce risks of change to new services, and optimize the utilization and costs of your company’s Cloud and IT services.  This includes:

  • Managed Office (M365)
  • Managed Cloud Workloads
  • Managed Networking and Voice
  • Managed Applications and other IT Services