iShift Security Services

Our Security team will develop best practices for continuous monitoring, assessing, and optimizing of your IT environment.

Security Services

Protect Your Business and Reputation

Ensure your data, workflows, and services are always secure, whether in your data center or in distributed hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Security & Governance

Security & Governance

A robust security and governance strategy helps you run your business well and keep it safe. It offers a level of protection against many avoidable risks: data breaches, intellectual property theft, damage to brand and reputation, and financial loss. It also ensures that you avoid the risk of being out of compliance with regulatory mandates such as PCI and HIPAA.

Business Continuity

Our service offers the following capabilities: backup of all data at a different location from the production environment that can be restored at any time; granularity and point-in-time restore; flexible retention policy settings; snapshot and item-level retention; advanced search for eDiscovery.

Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

We will set up a secure framework around your cloud infrastructure that will allow your employees to work together securely and efficiently from anywhere without risking a breach or other threats that may compromise your business outcomes.

Network Security

Network Security

iShift will design, implement, and manage a comprehensive Network Security framework to protect your network and data from breaches and other threats and proactively alert you of potential risks and unwanted intrusions.

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