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New Adventures in the New Year

2024 started with some exciting things that I want to share with you. For one, I became a “digital nomad.” This allows me to escape the bitter winters of Illinois, perfect my golf game, as well as help people with the most pressing questions pertaining to cybersecurity. I also joined iShift to head the new Office of the vCISO practice. And I’m also riding the wave of high-tech innovation by using a super-powerful AI-enabled security platform to empower organizations gain better insights about the weaknesses of their security posture. All in all, I call it a pretty good start.

The Role of the Chief Information Officer

As I navigate various clients in my role as a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), I’ve observed recurring themes and challenges related to cybersecurity integration. Recognizing the value in sharing insights, I am launching a series of posts dedicated to the evolving role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). I would like to shed light on what the job should be versus what the current reality suggests. Further, I want to focus on the benefits that a virtual CISO can bring to small and mid-size organizations in most industries. I will also provide more information about the variety of services iShift is able to offer through our newly launched vCISO offering.

Becomming a Blogger

Finding the right tech talent

The purpose of the series is to acknowledge and empathize with fellow cybersecurity professionals, underscoring the prevalence of shared challenges. Leveraging my experiences as a cybersecurity practitioner, my goal is to assist organizations in addressing the friction points that emerge as cybersecurity concerns gain visibility among leadership and boards.

On a personal note, this endeavor is my way of contributing to the security community. I am eager to share insights I’ve gained over my 30+ years in technology and cybersecurity, particularly as they intersect with human behavior. As a youth in Scouting, I learned the importance of “leave it better than you found it.” Guided by the same principle, I am dedicated to helping colleagues incorporate crucial cybersecurity elements into their strategies.

Cyberthreats, Security Protocols and Everything Inbetween

Topics I’ll be covering include:

  • Distinguishing Between Plans and Strategies
  • Demystifying the Role of a vCISO
  • Battling Framework Fatigue
  • Aligning Security Efforts with Regulatory Compliance
  • Balancing Firefighting with Strategic Planning
  • Navigating Budgeting Cycles
  • Embracing Proactive Security Measures
  • Addressing Friction Points and Barriers
  • Urging Action to Combat Alert Fatigue
  • Applying Security Principles in Diverse Contexts


Introducing An AI-Enabled vCISO Platform

Furthermore, I mentioned above that I’ve been fine-tuning iShift’s AI-powered vCISO platform to streamline manual processes involved in framework compliance and assessments across NIST, ISO, and other standards. This platform offers real-time reporting and dashboards on framework compliance status, freeing clients from tedious spreadsheet-based tasks and allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

I Want to Hear from You 

As you can see, there is a lot I want to tell you and a lot more I would like to ask you. I encourage you to subscribe to my security blog and join the conversation. Your insights and experiences are invaluable contributions to our collective efforts in bolstering cybersecurity resilience.

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Rich Dussliere is an accomplished cybersecurity expert who heads the Office of the CISO and vCISO services at iShift. Rich relies on his real-world experiences as a cybersecurity practitioner to help organizations address the friction points that emerge within as cyberthreats evolve and cybersecurity challenges gain visibility. His experience spans diverse sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare. Follow Rich on LinkedIn or contact him directly at [email protected].

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