Our Key IT Initiatives for 2023

The holidays have come and gone and now it’s time to look ahead to the new year. At iShift, we are looking forward to the possibilities that 2023 holds.

In 2022, our talented technical team assisted dozens of organizations in their strategic endeavors to expand their cloud-native environment, their IT infrastructure upgrades, and other transformational projects, ensuring they were completed on time and within budget.

We are proud of our strong partnerships with our clients. One of our key objectives for 2023 is to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing IT landscape and ensure our clients remain ahead of the curve in IT.

Maximizing Your Hardware and Software Investments

A lot of things related to how you consume and pay for technology happened in 2022:

  • Microsoft made some significant changes to its licensing model which can affect your bottom line.
  • Broadcom is scheduled to complete its acquisition of VMware this year. You will need to figure out how to move forward while avoiding operational or business disruptions due to inadequate support.
  • End-of-life and end-of-support announcements of several platforms at the end of last year means that you should be planning proactively about necessary upgrades to your enterprise infrastructure before disaster strikes.

These developments were in part the reason we wanted to focus on hardware and software recommendations. We want to guide our clients maximize their investments and streamline their spend on hardware and licenses without sacrificing agility.

To that end, we are launching new programs to assess hardware and software inventories, providing personalized advice on system upgrades, and offering new Managed Services packages, including Managed DevOps and monitoring, tailored to each client’s specific needs to help them stay ahead of the curve.

If you are on M365, it’s really worth looking into your M365 subscription and all it has to offer. You can cut costs and reduce the complexity of managing your cloud environment. If you are wondering where to start, give us a call. I know our team can help.

If you are still expecting to pay for VMware support next year, there are several steps you can take to prepare for the future. Consider converting your VMware perpetual licenses to subscription licenses. This will help you avoid potential price increases under Broadcom and give you access to additional features. Our team of experts can help with this licensing transition and provide personalized advice.

The VMware acquisition very much coincides with the evolving role of the data center in the Cloud era. The reality is, just like everything else in technology data centers are changing more than ever. With that in mind, our advice is to tighten your relationship with a partner that can support your VMware environment, but also knows Cloud, Nutanix and other modern infrastructure options. iShift’s highly versatile and knowledgeable professionals can provide expert guidance so companies can best meet their digital business transformation goals.

Modern IT in 2023

Continuing with the Human Approach to Cloud Computing and IT

At iShift, we believe in the power of connection and relationship building. Our primary goal for the new year is to continue to help optimize your modern IT environment to accelerate your business success. A key component to this is to identify areas you may anticipate needing our assistance with.

In order to start the new year proactively, here is a 2023 IT Checklist to help you identify items where you may require our guidance, knowledge, or resources.

  • Do you anticipate changes to your IT environment?
  • Have you noticed an increase in cloud spend without visible benefits?
  • Are some of your legacy IT systems coming to end of life or end of support and if so, what is the plan?
  • If you are planning any data migration in 2023, who will design the migration plan and carry out the actual migration?
  • Is your company dealing with lawsuits that might likely result in ediscovery requests?
  • Is an M365 migration planned for the year and do you have the team to carry it out inhouse?
  • Are you taking advantage of the full potential of your M365 subscription?
  • Is your company going to be taking part of a merger/acquisition that will require a consolidation of IT systems and applications?
  • Do you have quick access to a network of IT talent with specialized skills and capabilities?

We are also dedicated to staying connected with our clients both online and in person. Look for upcoming events where we can come together to share experiences and build meaningful relationships.

As we continue to grow and enhance our products and services portfolio, we will continue to offer our clients the services tailored to their needs that contribute to their success.

  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Licensing advice
  • Cloud health checks and cloud spend optimization
  • Total IT infrastructure management
  • IT staffing services
  • Hardware and software recommendations

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your technology partner and to work together with you toward achieving your business goals!

If you are ready to start your transformational project today, we have the experience, know-how, and resources to deliver it. Let’s talk and discover how iShift can help you prepare for the changes ahead.

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