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Impact of the Pandemic

While cloud computing adoption has been expanding consistently in the last five years, urgent changes to business operations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated cloud implementation at an even greater rate.

Yet, one problem lurking prominently (even before the pandemic) is the shortage of in-house cloud expertise companies require to execute on their digital transformation projects. Gartner’s 2019 Emerging Risks Survey identified “talent shortage” as a more significant concern than risks such as “accelerating privacy regulations,” “cybersecurity disclosure,” and “global economic slowdown.”

The Importance of Cloud Security

On the cybersecurity front, one of the causes of so many reported breaches globally is because organizations lack qualified personnel with cloud skills. According to the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study, which surveyed over 3700 security professionals worldwide, “the global cybersecurity workforce needs to grow 89% to effectively defend organizations’ critical assets.”

The Skills Required for Digital Transformation

The ongoing shift to a cloud-native environment dictated by the surge for digital transformations across industries further aggravates the situation. For a company to be fully cloud transformed and operational, it needs to have the following cloud skills set at its disposal:

  • Cloud Architecture and Cloud Computing
  • Software and SaaS Implementation
  • IT Governance & Compliance
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • DevOps
  • Advanced Automation Tools

A conservative estimate of the average salaries adds up to a hefty $750K total to fill these positions with full-time employees. And that’s if you can find them and attract them. The alternative of investing in retraining current employees is a less costly option that typically takes from several weeks to several months, a luxury that, in today’s uber-dynamic business environment, most companies can’t afford.

Cloud Talent Acquisition Strategy

As their business grows, companies are undoubtedly faced with difficult staffing decisions. Yet, the situation isn’t as dire as it sounds. By adopting a modern agile hybrid approach to talent acquisition, companies can avoid excessively high hiring costs and still attain their staffing goals in a dramatically shortened time frame. A partnership with iShift can provide them with innovative and flexible solutions to filling in their talent pool gap.

Managed Cloud Services

Adding managed services to their IT strategy allows organizations to deploy a cloud solution through established and trusted services. iShift’s expertise as a managed cloud provider can enable companies to build a modern cloud platform without the high upfront costs or the shortage of cloud talent.

Specialized projects such as Cloud Migration, Backup, Disaster Recovery, or Cloud Health can be served via an engagement with the iShift Advisory Services team or as part of the Managed Services portfolio.

Short-term and Long-term Cloud Engagements

Finally, a partnership with iShift can fill many internal staffing gaps from the get-go and expedite companies’ ability to achieve the economic and competitive benefits of their cloud strategies in line with the required regulations and governance. iShift has established a robust ecosystem of certified, versatile, and highly skilled IT contract professionals who can join an organization’s internal team at a day’s notice. This, in turn, ensures companies have access to the right people, with the right skills, for the right time frame without the prohibitive recruiting costs, onboarding overhead, or the risk of abrupt employee departures.

Next Steps

If you’re looking for solutions that drive the complexity out of cloud implementation and management, and the mystery out of delivering the cloud’s economic benefits, iShift can help. We offer innovative cloud services that put you in control. Prepackaged services are tailored to your unique needs, with backup and continuity tools at your fingertips. Advisory Services and implementation assistance are always available to supplement any gaps in your current IT capabilities. Consider our secure, compliant iShift Cloud Platform managed by a team of experts trained in the latest multi-cloud security best practices.

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