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The Cloud offers organizations scalable, dependable, and consistently accessible digital services. Nevertheless, moving mailboxes, files, and email archives can be a complex process riddled with obstacles. Therefore, the key to ensuring a successful migration project lies in selecting the appropriate technology and expertise.

The iShift Migration Services are comprehensive and flexible migration solutions to move corporate data from an on-premises data center to the cloud. By partnering with Transvault, we combine world-class technology with expertise, experience, and integrity to deliver data migrations that are complete, secure, and seamless to our clients.

Transvault Migrator

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Benefits from the iShift Data and Email Migration services powered by Transvault:
  • Expertise: Certified engineers who understand the intricacies of data migration will ensure your migration will avoid the pitfalls many organizations experience. As a leader of email migration and archiving solutions for over 20 years, Transvault allows only certified partners, such as iShift, to use their migration tools.
  • Speed: Transvault Migrator is intended to migrate large volumes of email data quickly and efficiently. This means that companies can minimize downtime and disruption during the migration process.
  • Security: Designed with security in mind, Transvault Migrator ensures email data is migrated securely, with minimal risk of data loss or corruption. This is particularly important for companies that handle sensitive or confidential information.
  • Compliance: Transvault Migrator ensures companies comply with industry regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and FINRA. It can migrate email data while maintaining the integrity of the data and ensuring that it is stored in compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Cost effectiveness: The iShift Data Migration service that leverages the Transvault Migrator eliminates the need to invest in expensive hardware or software. In addition, by minimizing downtime and disruption, companies can reduce the overall cost of the migration process.
  • Support: The iShift Migration team will provide guidance throughout the migration process and offer best practices on how to ensure data integrity post-migration.

When you engage with the iShift Migration Unit, you will ensure a smooth, secure, and compliant migration process that minimizes disruption to your business operations.

Our Methodology



Agree on the scope of the migration and define the data that needs to be moved.   



Do a pilot run to ensure the integrity of the migration and validate proper data is moved.



Complete the migration process seamlessly with minimal disruption of operations.

“I’ve been doing migrations for over 25 years and I always recommend Migrator by Transvault to my clients because I trust the tools to perform the migration with minimal data corruption while preserving the chain of custody in the process. iShift and Transvault share the same type of dedication to provide clients with an exceptional seamless migration experience every time. Our shared values and commitment to excellence makes this a strong partnership that delivers great value to our clients.” Charles Arconi, Data Migration Architect at iShift

“iShift and Transvault’s technology partnership is centered around delivering the best possible outcome for our clients. By combining our unique expertise and capabilities, we are able to create comprehensive solutions that address their specific needs and challenges. Our unwavering focus on the client ensures that our products and services are always in line with their evolving requirements, driving their success and ours.” Jon Wood, Global Head of Sales at Transvault

Migration Successes

“Transvault has pioneered the migration market space and has produced a benchmark whereby all migration companies are measured.” – Dennis Wild, Product Manager at Hewlett Packard

“The team was able to not only execute with extreme precision, they were also really great at guiding us and giving advice when they felt there was some nuance or functionality that we hadn’t considered.” – Gene Glekel, VP of Technology at Cresa

“Transvault is the complete migration solution, especially for Dell EMC SourceOne. The breadth of knowledge the support and development team possess is commendable for resolving issues where the SourceOne environment is affecting the migration outcome.” – Nitesh Kumar, Principal Solutions Architect at Veritas Technologies

“We’re absolutely happy with the final result and this was not our standard experience with vendors. At no point did I feel like we’re going to have a ‘here we go again’ moment. All in all, it was totally awesome!” – Roger Allen, Network Analyst at Rochester Public Schools

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