Looking for IT staff ON‑DEMAND?

Our team has the experience and expertise.


Our team has the experience and expertise.

Achieve Your IT Staffing Goals

Providing the right talent for your IT project is our top priority. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term Architects, Engineers, Developers, or Consultants, the iShift team has the knowledge, experience, and local support to make your enterprise-class project a complete success.

IT Staffing | Grow On-Demand

Grow On-Demand

Contingent labor is a great way to quickly augment your staff with the experts you need. 

IT Staffing | Gain Knowledge

Gain Knowledge

Our team’s knowledge, proficiency, and certifications deliver immediate value and provide peace of mind.

IT Staffing | Leverage Our Expertise

Leverage Our Expertise

 Meet with our leadership team to discuss industry trends, strategies, best practices, and valuable use cases. 


iShift delivers contingent labor customized to your specific requirements. Our leadership team will work with you to define the skills, certifications, and experience that your staff augmentation project requires. Then we’ll identify, qualify, vet, and recommend the experts that match your requirements from our deep bench of highly qualified, battle-tested professionals. You will choose the best candidate for your team.


iShift is different from a traditional employment agency. Our experienced architects, engineers, developers, and consultants are part of our team, too. They’ll receive support from iShift leadership and their peers from around the country. We share best practices, valuable use cases, and solutions to complex challenges. As part of the iShift community, our experts will have access to a network of resources focused on designing, implementing, and managing enterprise platforms. At our core, we are an IT consulting organization passionate about optimizing our client’s operations with Data Center, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and IT Automation solutions.


IT STAFFING Experience

Delivering IT services to Fortune 500 enterprises, public sector agencies, utility companies, global aerospace organizations, and large healthcare providers has helped us develop and refine our delivery methodology, best practices, and personalized approach.

Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure

Maximize the flexibility, scalability, and performance of your data center infrastructure with services delivered by experts. Our consultants will help you consolidate, virtualize, and optimize your servers, storage, and networks to improve reliability, redundancy, and management.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Migrating our clients’ infrastructures and applications to the cloud is our specialty. Whether you choose public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud, our certified experts will help you plan, design, implement, and operate your new cloud environment.

IT Automation

IT Automation

Reduce the complexity of your IT operations by automating your time-consuming, repetitive, and administrative tasks. Speed software deployments and resource provisioning with expert iShift automation services. Our team will improve accountability, efficiency, predictability for data center and cloud environments.
Network Architecture

Network Architecture

Enterprise-class IT solutions require fast, reliable, and cost-efficient networks. Your applications, users, and locations drive the design of your local-area, wide-area, and remote access networks. Our architects will make sure that your networks align with your operational requirements.

Digital Workspace

Digital Workspace

Focusing on your WFH “employee experience” with a Digital Workspace solution requires delivering apps and data on-demand—anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our experienced VDI consultants will help you design and implement zero-trust security, application availability, and multi-platform endpoint management.

Unified Communications, Collaboration, and Contact Center

Unified Communications, Collaboration, and Contact Center

Properly unifying your telephony, video conferencing, voice mail, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging and presence requires an advanced skill set. iShift consultants will help you design and implement a platform that will improve collaboration, security and user satisfaction.
Information Security

Information Security

Protect your data from internal and external threats with security policies, procedures, and controls designed and implemented by experts. iShift security engineers will help you assess your risk, identify your vulnerabilities, manage your operations, and prepare compliance reporting.
Database Administration and Architecture

Database Administration and Architecture

Every enterprise database has a team of architects and administrators behind it. Our team will help you design, secure, and operate the database your organization needs. The Shift team has experience with the leading databases, operating systems, and programming languages.


  • Aerospace
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Software
  • State Government
  • Utilities / Electric


We are passionate about our clients, partners, and people. As a boutique information technology and cloud consulting company, our team is uniquely qualified to deliver the enterprise-class products and services that you need to be successful.


IT StaffinG / Tech Talent

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does iShift provide via IT Staff Augmentation?

iShift can provide a number of resources to our clients, but the primary titles include:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Developers
  • Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Database Administrators
Which IT Staffing services can clients procure through iShift?
Which technologies can iShift install and configure?

iShift consultants have extensive experience, expertise, and certifications with the following technology manufacturers and developers:

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