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The iShift Timeline

Cool Timeline

Co-innovation Partner

2022 | Your Cloud Co-Innovation Partner

Cloud Platform (MS)

2021 | iShift Cloud Management

We launched the iShift Platform. Put simply, this is your cloud, your IT infrastructure in a managed services model.

Tech Talent

2019 | IT Staffing

Aware that innovation is often tied to technical talent shortage, we created our IT Staffing unit designed to help businesses in their digital journey. Our 100+ years of cumulative team experience around cloud transformation services serves our clients every day.

Advisory Services

2017 | Advisory Services

We made the strategic shift to Advisory Services and Cloud Management. We became a key partner for organizations in their path to digital transformation through innovative practices such as Cloud Native applications, Automation and DevOps, Digital Workspace and more.


2010 | Technology Advisors

In our first decade we continued to be focused on providing businesses with enterprise-class IT infrastructure and data center know-how and to become a trusted technology advisor to our clients.

iShift Founded

2004 Founded

iShift was founded with the idea to create a company that lives its core values with an uncompromising commitment to innovation and its clients. Our goal was to build a team of diverse and highly qualified people who enjoy working together in bringing success to their clients.

Deep infrastructure expertise has always been at the core of our business. Prior to iShift, our deep knowledge of Cisco networking and advanced communications led to a merger that resulted in a Fortune 500 company.

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