Lacking IT Expertise

Scarcity of IT Expertise

Insufficient talent pool aside, there is the matter of knowledge, proficiency, and experience. As organizations begin to apply the full potential of Cloud innovation and more sophisticated Cloud capabilities, the skills gap in their IT staff becomes more evident.

Advanced frameworks, such as security, compliance, edge technologies, and hyperscale platforms, require advanced Cloud expertise and a team that can execute seamlessly. The successful delivery of such projects and their subsequent management are in direct correlation with not how big your IT staff is, but with whether you have the right IT staff.

The most effective companies that are able to stay on top of their schedules in spite of the challenges employ multiple methods to ensure they have the necessary and right talent required for a positive outcome:

  • Inhouse IT Staff focusing on the company’s overall business strategy.
  • External Tech Project Team comprised of highly experienced IT professionals that can execute without the overhead of lengthy training. This model enables organizations to scale up and down dependent on project demands. It is both flexible and cost-effective.
  • Contract IT Professionals in charge of post-deployment maintenance and support. These specialists can provide the necessary training to the internal IT staff over a period of time, ensure a smooth transition and anticipate the work overload when something does go wrong.


IT Talent


In the past, we have discussed the benefits of engaging with an external IT Project Manager when embarking on highly specialized and time-sensitive IT initiatives. This individual can be invaluable in providing guidance to your internal IT team.

Sometimes, however, the entire project requires specific skills that are outside the needed technology expertise of the particular enterprise. An example that comes to mind is migrations,  an extremely important component of an organization’s digital transformation.

But once the migration is done, the skillset associated with it doesn’t necessarily come into play on a day-to-day basis. In that case, it makes a lot of sense to bring in an experienced Migration unit that can perform the project much faster and with better expertise than if you are relying on getting your internal team trained on something they will not be putting into use after the project’s completion.

The iShift precision-based IT Staffing Unit was designed with this objective in mind. We have access to a broad network of technical talent, and we can help strengthen your inhouse IT department with full-time or part-time hires.


Tech Talent Shortage


However, the best value you can get by partnering with us is to engage us when you have more sophisticated IT Projects, such as cloud security, governance, and automation that take you to the next level in your digital transformation.

If you know you can no longer delay your Cloud 2.0 IT Project, we are ready to make it happen. Give us a call.

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