IT Management by iShift

Our approach to IT Management is tailored to your specific needs. We focus on maintaining security, cost and governance of your cloud environment, and seamlessly become your company’s IT department

Managed IT

Your Cloud, your IT Infrastructure, in a Managed Services Model

When we take over managing your cloud, we will ensure you improve service delivery, efficiency and time to market. The added benefits for your organization are reduced operational costs and the agility to make changes in a fast-changing digital world.

Cloud Assessment

Visibility and Optimization

Workloads are always evolving as is the way they are deployed and the way they consume services. Our team will assist you in provisioning and adapting infrastructure to workloads as needed. We will assess the suitability of workloads across different cloud models, on-prem, and data centers.

Cloud Health and Security

We will tackle your biggest challenges pertaining to cloud risks. We will strengthen security and compliance, report on vulnerabilities and proactively remediate risks in real time. We will monitor usage and provide performance recommendations and custom alerts.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Recovery

We will set up a secure framework around your cloud infrastructure that will allow your employees to work together securely and efficiently from anywhere without risking a breach or other threats that may compromise your business outcomes.

Secure Collaboration

Modern Workplace (M365)

We will create a modern workplace environment leveraging the power of Microsoft 365. We will reduce cost and complexity by eliminating third-party services that weren’t designed for a cloud architecture and improve your organization’s security posture by aligning and automating services, policies, and management.


DevOps Managed Service

By automating cloud infrastructure provisioning, we will enable you to scale your cloud infrastructure more quickly, thus becoming more agile and accelerating their ability to innovate.

Data Management

Network and Contact Center

We will set you up with an expert network management team that will deliver the services to improve performance and availability, manage your contact center for exceptional customer service, and in the process optimize costs and maintain high data quality.

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