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Cloud Native

Cloud Assessment

As organizations start to shift more business functions to cloud solutions, they recognize that they must transform how they consume, operate and manage this new cloud environment.  Our cloud assessment services help you to adopt and integrate your cloud services and solutions to maximize efficiency and optimization.  As your trusted partner, we will determine what cloud works best for you by offering the most effective combination of services that work best specifically for you.

Cloud Architecture

Let us assess the state of your IT environment and recommend the best approach in your journey to the cloud. We will work with you to select those cloud offerings that will ensure your cloud strategy is implemented successfully and your business realizes maximum value.  Learn more about how we can help.

Public, private, hybrid cloud

Cloud Selection

Whether it’s public, private, or hybrid cloud, we will help you find the right platform to meet your business objectives.

Monitoring your cloud investment

Cloud Strategy

We will design a cloud strategy that is a business strategy – and a foundational source for innovation and growth.

Cloud architecture

Cloud Design

Our certified cloud architects will design secure, scalable, affordable solutions for your mission critical workloads.  

Cloud DevOps

Cloud Networking

We build cloud infrastructures that provides the agility to deploy virtual networks on a shared infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

With our experience designing and implementing public and private cloud solutions, our experts are certified and possess the expertise to help you with fast, safe, and cost effective cloud migration while keeping data integrity and business continuity. Work with our migration team for a fast, safe, and cost effective Cloud Migration while keeping data integrity and business continuity.

Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management approach is tailored to your specific needs. We focus on maintaining security, cost and governance of your cloud environment and seamlessly become your company’s IT department.  

Optimize your cloud infrastructure

Cloud Health and Optimization

We analyze and identify opportunities to optimize cloud cost or simplify deployment and management workflows.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore

We’ll build a solution that meets your requirements from strategic backup targets to industry-specific compliance requirements.

iShift Cloud solutions

Cloud FinOps

We use an outcome-focused approach to provide transparency and visibility across your cloud and technology investments.

Unleash the power of cloud

Cloud Automation and DevOps

We help you automate provisioning cloud workloads and services to minimize complexity while  simplifying management.

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