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Cloud Managed Services

Your Cloud, your IT infrastructure, in a managed services model

iShift Managed services platform

As your co-innovation partner for cloud, we will guide you to become a cloud first organization and improve your over-all business performance. When we take over managing your cloud, we will ensure you improve service delivery, efficiency and time to market. The added benefits for your organization are reduced operational costs and the ability to quickly make changes in a fast-changing digital world.

Workloads (IaaS and PaaS)

Modern Workplace (Microsoft 365)

Network (NOC)

Security (SOC)

Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Voice

Cloud Health & Optimization

Tackle your organization’s biggest cloud challenges by simplifying financial management and finding ways to lower your organization’s cloud spend. Automate daily cloud operations through custom policies. Strengthen security and compliance by reporting on vulnerabilities and proactively remediating risks in real-time.

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Security & Governance

We are here to make sure you have what you need and that you’re using it to its fullest potential. We’ll provide recommendations on potential cost saving options, as well as usage and performance monitoring, custom alerts, security compliance, and RI optimization (to control costs).

Cloud Security & Governance

Cloud Automation & DevOps

Make cloud automation the central tenet of your cloud strategy. Use automated tools and processes to take advantage of cloud resources efficiently and avoid security pitfalls that arise from manual, error-prone workflows. By automating cloud infrastructure provisioning, organizations can scale their cloud infrastructure more quickly, thus becoming more agile and accelerating their ability to innovate.

AI Ops

Cloud FinOps

We provide our clients with a personalized Cloud Consumption Portal that enables you to enforce cloud governance policies for the consumption of Cloud services and solutions. It links and manages all of your accounts (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others) in a single centralized system.

Cloud management

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